ofxCanon and kinect question

I’m working on project with 3d mesh from kinect. The simple color image that grab kinect is not quality, and i found than i can grab image from my Canon eos 40d. But the question is, can i grab real time video on mesh or not. as i found some project http://www.rgbdtoolkit.com/projects.html, but they cach video and then making visualisation, not realtime.

As far as I know the there’s is not a way to grab the image from a Canon in real time, because of how Canon has written the drivers for their camera interface.

so u say that i can’t use image from canon camera to the 3d mesh point cloud from kinect? And if i use OpenCV, that liabrary wouldn’t help me?
i dont understand, if i can grab live video from my canon to the scene, why i can’t replace video from kinect on video from canon?

Sorry for the slow response. I am wrong, I didn’t realize which ofxCanon addon you were talking about (there’s another one where you can’t use the stuff from the Canon directly in your OF app). So, looking at ofxCanon, you’d want to do:

ofPixels p = canon.getLivePixels();  

At the point I think you have two options:

  1. You can then iterate over those pixels use the color values at each point to map to the Kinect point cloud data.

  2. Put the ofPixels into an ofTexture and bind it to the mesh. This can be a little bit tricky and I can’t help because I have neither a Kinect nor a Canon, but you’ll want to start by making the texture coordinate something easy like canonTex.x/(canonTex.width/kinectDepth.width).

Hope that helps.

I looked at doing exactly this but the challenge is aligning the image from the canon with the depth data from the mesh. If you look at the RGBToolkit there is a very precise set up process and calibration and with even the smallest knock of the hardware you need to re calibrate.

Even the kinect rgb camera and depth camera require calibration as the lenses have different properties (and optical centers). ofxKinectNui has a solution to this built in but still at a max res of 648 x 480

This post explains the alignment/calibration challenge http://blog.foundry376.com/tag/openframeworks/