ofxBvh >> compiling error >> can not find eulerAngleX, ...Y, ...Z

I try to compile the only addon, that allows me to import bvh data. Unfortunately,

        switch(axis) {
            case 'X': local *= glm::eulerAngleX(angle); break;
            case 'Y': local *= glm::eulerAngleY(angle); break;
            case 'Z': local *= glm::eulerAngleZ(angle); break;

throws and error, that these glm classes do not exist. All other glm’s are working.

/home/libs/openFrameworks/addons/ofxBvh/src/ofxBvh.cpp:122: error: ‘eulerAngleX’ is not a member of ‘glm’; did you mean ‘eulerAngles’?
122 | case ‘X’: local *= glm::eulerAngleX(angle); break;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~
| eulerAngles

I am on Linux Ubuntu 64.

Hey @iShapeNoise , maybe try including the header file euler_angles.hpp. The gtx library has some “experimental extensions” in a bunch of different header files. The header may be in a subfolder of /usr/include/. The documentation page that describes these functions is here: GLM: euler_angles.hpp File Reference .

Thanks very much Tim. It worked! I took euler_angle.hpp and euler_angle.inl moving it into my project folder. No errors.

Hey great! On linux the /usr/include/ folder is typically searched by the linker. Lots of the headers from linux packages are installed in that folder. So if you like you could move the glx files into that folder. They might already be there too. Sometimes with a big library like gtx you’ll find the headers in a subfolder, like /usr/include/gtx/ or similar. But, the gtx headers can also reside in your project folder, or even as an addon in the oF /addons folder. Glad you got it working!