ofxBullet 3D mouse picking doesn't work

So I’m using a bit outdated versions of ofxBullet and OF since that is what works together on Linux with Code::Blocks.

While playing around to learn how to implement ofxBullet and make use of the 3DPicker I’ve hit a wall. It seems to me, as far as I can tell, that ofXBullet is passing the correct information of camera location and mouse screentoWorld coords.
But it still only works accuratly from 0,0,0.
It seems that ofxBullet does it’s raytrace from 0,0,0 instead of the camera position. Moving the ofEasyCam to 0,0,0 makes the picking work perfectly.

Am I missing something? Is it an old bug that been fixed?

I’ve done my best to track values feed to the picker function and the cameraposition within ofxBullet’s world class does update and holds correct values.

Sorry for the lack of specific code and such but I do hope that it is an obvious thing I missed. If it isn’t and you want to try to help I can give any information asked for.