ofxbox2d with classes, timers and worlds

hola peeps,

been a while since ive been on here. but im in the middle of working on a ‘daddy’ version of a prototype i have made in löve2d. which is awesome by the by, great.
the prototype works with box2d, or its version of it at least in löve2d. but was wondering and came to some sort of quandary regarding a few things when shifting over to oF. especially when breaking things up into classes. which has gone well, but have some thoughts for the continuation.

• first. worlds with box2d are called up, but what if you are working with different bodies, in different classes. would you still need to create a separate world for each body in the class in which they are created?
or a global world that can be called up? im having trouble with this one

• second. would working with tweens be better than timers. as with the different bodies, there are also different times that bodies get created. so was wondering whether its better to stick to a timer, or shift to a tween.
i was thinking of sticking a timer in each body. but maybe a global tween task would be better. or even just a global timer. oooh, too much to choose from :wink:

anyhow, would be cool to get some light on this.