ofxBox2D // Type 'ofCoreEvents' doesn't provide a call operator ... problem

Hi there,
trying to compile the basic example for iOS example, I got that
“Type ‘ofCoreEvents’ doesn’t provide a call operator” error.

Any tips?
I probably missed something.


Hi julien, at what line did you have this issue? i see that you open an issue on ofxBox2D github repo but did you see this : https://github.com/vanderlin/ofxBox2d/issues/27 ?

Hi, I’m sorry not to have found this :-/
Many thanks for your help

Glad that help you! but did you solve your problem?

those parenthesis removed solved it :slight_smile:

I made DIGITAL-COLLISIONS without using box2D.
Interested by using it for another personal/artistic project :slight_smile:

especially, I’m designing a visual & sound environment for my own compositions & performances.
still prototyping things using max, processing.

not sure about the framework used.

creating objects in Box2D seem very simple, but those objects in my case would have to have many other properties related to sound etc. so maybe, I’d have to build my own stuff. Don’t know yet. Reinventing the wheel is not my way, so…