ofxBox2D turning objects off/on

I’m working with Todd Vanderlin’s awesome box2d library, and I have a question about how to do something. I think I know the answer but hoping there might be a better solution

Basically I have a bunch of objects, and when someone presses one I want it to be pulled out of the box2d world and not affect anything else in the world, then when they release it put it back in the world.

What is the best way to do this? I tried incorporating the sleep/awake settings from box2d but I don’t think this does what I want, I think this puts the selected object to sleep so that it isn’t affected by other objects, but it still affects other objects.

Do I have to destroy the object when its selected then recreate it when it is released and put it back into the world? I see this is how setRadius() is working on ofxBox2dCircle, so I assume that if you can’t resize an object dynamically something like this needs to take place.

Any suggestions?