ofxBox2d triangulation of a static body (simple example of bug)

I have posted on this before, but to no avail. Sorry for slightly repeating myself but I have tried to figure this out and I haven’t been able to. I am probably not understanding something in box2d.

I looked deeper into the issue and I wrote a very simplified example to highlight the issue. In my code I simply create a rectangle. I triangulate it and then I add it to a box2d world. If I define the object as a dynamic object (density > 0) it is reacting to the walls and objects within the scene:

If I declare it as a static (density=0) then this is what is displayed when I draw the shape:

Basically it’s the setPhysics line that makes all the difference between the two scenarios.

Why is the triangulation affected and how could I properly insert the triangles that emerge from it as static objects without the aforementioned issues? I need the object to be static so that the box2d engine does not try to move it when others hit it, affect it by gravity etc.

#include "ofApp.h"

void ofApp::setup()
    // Box2d

void ofApp::update()

    //A simple rectangle
    shape.addVertex(ofPoint(mouseX, mouseY));
    shape.addVertex(ofPoint(mouseX+0, mouseY+200));
    shape.addVertex(ofPoint(mouseX+200, mouseY+200));
    shape.addVertex(ofPoint(mouseX+200, mouseY));

    ofPolyline outline = shape;
    ofPolyline resampled = shape.getResampledBySpacing(45);

    vector <TriangleShape> tris;
    tris = triangulatePolygonWithOutline(resampled, outline);


    // now loop through all the triangles and make a box2d triangle
    for (int i=0; i<tris.size(); i++)
          ofPtr<ofxBox2dPolygon> triangle = ofPtr<ofxBox2dPolygon>(new ofxBox2dPolygon);
          triangle.get()->addTriangle(tris[i].a, tris[i].b, tris[i].c);
          triangle.get()->setPhysics(1, 0, 0); //density, bounce, friction


void ofApp::draw()

    for (int i=0; i<polyShapes.size(); i++)
        ofCircle(polyShapes[i].get()->getPosition(), 3);

and here is the ofApp.h file:

#pragma once
#include "ofMain.h"
#include "ofxBox2d.h"

class ofApp : public ofBaseApp{

        void setup();
        void update();
        void draw();

        ofPolyline shape;
        vector <ofPtr<ofxBox2dPolygon> > polyShapes;
        ofxBox2d box2d;

If you’d like to test the code yourself here are the 2 files:
src.zip (1.3 KB)