ofxBox2D not compiling, and then running super slow

Hey, first off apologies if I am forgetting something simple which I hope I am, I’m kind of stressed out as the project this is for I have a limited time frame to complete.

I am running openframeworks 0.8.0, on Windows 8 and code::blocks (v12.11)

I have gotten ofxbox2d apps to compile as much as a year ago on 007 or 074 (can’t remember exactly)…though I don’t have that machine/hard drive accessible and honestly not sure what I did (I was just trying to get it to compile).

I have tried the following:
* compiling the apps in the ofxBox2d folder, which is within the addons folder
* moving those apps to a folder within my apps folder (ie apps/box2dapps/)
(with these I get a make.exe error, which I am not familiar with)

* then I, created a new empty project with the project generator. I copied the src files from example-Simple into this new empty app. And it will compile but I get this error:
(on line 299 of ofxBox2DPolygon, in the getVertices() function)
“error: return statement with no value”

the code is:

if(body == NULL)

if I comment out these line (I don’t know enough about box2D to know what type it should return), the app compiles BUT, it starts out around 180FPS, and seems to work fine with circles, but as soon as I put in a block, the program goes to about half speed and decreases exponentionally with each block.

(update: I changed the return type as suggested here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/ofxbox2d-latest-run-in-of-v0.7.4-vs2010-release/13365/0
but still getting hella slowdown.)

(update: I tried ofDisableAntiAliasing() and ofDisableSmoothing(), which seems to retard the slow down, but after around 150 bodies it is around 20 - 13fps)

I’ve gotten this to work in the past on a less powerful machine with results similar to vanderlin’s video here:

(this is a screenshot of the old program with 60FPS and 400+ bodies http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr-lxkjtfA85b1qcf9suo1-1280.png)