ofxBox2d Issue

Hi. Sorry to bother with another ofxBox2d questions, seems the last few posts were about that.

I am using Vanderlin’s latest release, Xcode 4 and OF v0062. I am simply trying to compile my application with the ofxBox2d addon. What I have done so far is create a new project using the emptyExample template. Renamed the project. Dragged ofxBox2d, ofxVectorMath, and ofxVectorGraphics from the finder to the “addons” folder in my Xcode project. I have already removed the “example” folder from the ofxBox2d addon folder.

When I have selected my application from the “Scheme” selector and press “Run,” the compiling process takes some time, then fails with 135 issues.

Another weird thing is that in the project navigator in Xcode, some of the .cpp files in the Box2d folder have questions marks next to them, while others have “m”'s next to them.

I have attached some screen shots of what the issues look like. Sorry for huge size.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks a ton!

looks like it needs OF 007. Try the latest openframeworks from github

Yes the version on github needs 007 which isn’t released yet, could do with both 0062 on there too.

You could try renaming ofVec2f to ofxVec2f and #include “ofxVectorMath.h” at the top of the files. I did this, but it still wouldn’t compile properly.

You might be able to find an old version on the forum somewhere.

Also the latest version still has a few tiny bugs that need updating…