ofxBox2d Inertia Crash

Hey guys,

I have been reading through a lot of the post’s here regarding custom polygons to be used in the ofxBox2d physics environment. After a bunch of experimentation I have been able to create the shape I want and have a decent test application setup. Thanks to some help from this post: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/complex-polygons-with-box2d/3386/1

I am using ofxBox2d v2.1.2 from https://github.com/vanderlin/ofxBox2d and oF v0070.

Everything seems to be going ok, but at random times the application will crash and it always shows the same thread error in Xcode. The issue always comes from the same file: Box2d → Dynamics → b2Body.cpp. I have included a screen shot of the error in the code below, but I also receive this in my Output window:

Assertion failed: (m_I > 0.0f), function ResetMassData, file /Users/thorson/Documents/NEW_MEDIA_PROJECTS/openFrameworks_v0070/apps/examples/box21Test/ofxBox2d/src/Box2D/Dynamics/b2Body.cpp, line 310.

DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT HERE: http://www.comradewolf.com/transfer/box21Test.zip

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.