ofxBox2d - Circle generation faild. weird error

hi! I needs some help!

now I’m implement ofxOpenCV with kinect, and want to interaction with ofxBox2d objects.

so far everything’s fine. except generating circle objects.
follow the instruction from ofxBox2d github, code is like this


ofxBox2d						physics;	// the box2d world
vector <shared_ptr<ofxBox2dCircle> >	circles;	// default box2d circles


shared_ptr<ofxBox2dCircle> circle = shared_ptr<ofxBox2dCircle>(new ofxBox2dCircle);
circle.get()->setPhysics(3.0, 0.53, 0.9);

but xCode said that this is error.

"Cannot initialize object parameter of type ‘ofxBox2dBaseShape’ with expression of type ‘ofxBox2dCircle’

can anyone help me?

I’m using oF 0.8.4. OS X 10.10 yosemite Xcode 6.4

oh and I read compatibility section from github

git clone git://github.com/vanderlin/ofxBox2d.git
cd ofxBox2d
git checkout 008

but ‘git checkout 008’ is not working for me.

ok. I think this because addon incompatible with oF 0.8.4
pretty weird. I dump addon from github and above error is gone.
instead, other error occurred.

I added ofxBox2d with oFPlugin. that’s why it’s not working I think. because addon example is working well.

I already tried copy ‘header search path’ from example xcodeproject to mine.
but other error occurred

or maybe it’s incompatible with 0.8.4? I found same issue in forum.

is there anyone tried ofxBox2d addon with 0.8.4?

I’ll try again, with copy example and copy&paste all codes what I did before.

ok same error…

even tried with project generator, same happen…
do I have to back to older version of openFrameworks release ?

I found it!
it’s conflict with ofxTriangle.
I tried ofxCvGrayscaleImage to box2d object with ofxTriangle…
that was my mistake.