ofxBox2d addon changes

I’ve updated my ofxBox2d addon mainly because i was getting warnings about ofSetColor vs. ofSetHexColor…downloaded from https://github.com/vanderlin/ofxBox2d

I’ve managed to change the names of the following functions:

destroyShape() -> destroy()
addDamping() -> setDamping()

But the new version doesn’t play nice with my existing code, seems quite a few things have changed. No errors, just unexpected behaviors. Does anyone have a map for what’s changed or what I can look for? I can’t seem to find anything on Github.

there’s lots of things that have changed for 007 : ) what kind of weird behavior are you getting? the graphics rendering has been abstracted to make it independent of opengl and perhaps something could be being rendering wrong?

Forces not working as expected, static bodies’ positions seem to be wrong, I’m a bit new to OF and the box2D world anyway so it’s really too many different problems for me to really know what exactly is going wrong without writing some simple implementations and adding things one by one…so if a lot has changed then it’s prob best for me to just revert to 006 :slight_smile: