ofxBlurShader crashes

I’m trying to use ofxBlurShader on an image. After figuring out how to get addons working correctly in CodeBlocks, I thought I was going to finally get a working example.

I don’t get errors when compiling. The program compiles, and then promptly crashes. This is what I see in the debugging window after the crash.

OF: OF_LOG_NOTICE: ofFbo::checkGLSupport()
maxColorAttachments: 8
maxDrawBuffers: 4
maxSamples: 8

Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005) execution time : 3.687 s
Press any key to continue.[/tt]

Does that mean checkGLSupport fails? Does this mean there is something wrong with my graphics card? I am currently relying on integrated gfx on my mother board.

Or do I need to install whatever “ofFbo” is? Or am I doing ofxBlurShader all wrong? Any wisdom is appreciated.

I’ve also found I get the exact same error when opening and running “examples\gl\alphaMaskingShaderExample” that is included with the 0071 oF build.