I put together a wrapper for the Blackmagic Intensity Pro native SDK for Windows. Mac users have always had plug and play for this card. Now Windows users do too.

You can use this for real time HD video capture over HDMI. It only supports a fraction of the SDK, but if you need RGB frames from an HD camera, here ya go.


It wouldn’t be too hard to add synced audio, 3D capture or some of the other goodies in the SDK, but I don’t have a need for that stuff right now. This could also be ported to OS X or Linux with a little work.


so it should be possible to capture also an output from another computer (or any other device with an hdmi output), right?


Has anybody used this addon for the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0?

Does anybody know if the SDK from the vendor is the same as for the Intensity Pro device?