ofxBlackmagic low framerate

Hi, everyone!

I try to use ofxBlackmagic (http://ofxaddons.com/repos/97) to capture video from Canon Legria HFR36 connected to Intensity Pro card with different parameters to setDisplayMode(), e.g. bmdModeHD1080i50, but I always have very low framerate about ~6 fps.
I used just ofVideoGrabber for capturing and it worked nice, but I couldn’t get right picture on 1080p - I get two pictures on one texture and green line between them, so I decided to try ofxBlackmagic and got such problem with fps.
Do you know how to fix it?



I used a blackmagic to capture a hd video, for me the ofxblackmagicGrabber worked better than the standard video player, i was able to capture at decent framerate:

ofxBlackmagicGrabber webcam;  
webcam.initGrabber(1920, 1080);  

Hey guys, just curious if you got this sorted out. I haven’t touched that project (ofxBlackmagic) in over 2 years, but I’m updating the wrapper at the moment. If I can be of any help, give me a shout.

Also, feel free to post bugs or other issues on github!