I have packed the basic functionalities of GameCenter that I used in Sr. Mistu in this addon:


It’s a compilation of functions found in Apple’s docs modified to play nicely with openFrameworks.

This addon provides very basic functionality, it just checks that GC is available, logs the user and sends scores and achievements, which is what I needed at the time.


Awesome Marc! Really appreciate you sharing.

I did notice one thing though. You have a GPL license in the code and GPL is essentially not compatible with the app store (since you can’t distribute code with your app). So technically, it can’t be used in any apps (other than your own). It would have to be changed to MIT or BSD or something more open to be able to be properly used.

I switched it to the MIT license. Thanks!

Thanks Marc :slight_smile: This will definitely come in handy and help get people started. Apple definitely has a way of making some of these things seem harder than they may actually be to implement heh. Looking at the code helps simplify it. :smiley: