ofxAVFVideoPlayer and OS X 10.9

Anyone get the ofxAVFVideoPlayer to work under OS X 10.9+ and OpenGL 3+ ? My fork was working until I updated to 10.9.

Is the oF dev team targeting AVFoundation for it’s 0.9 release?

Can you be more specific about how it’s not working?

I’m pretty sure the CLOUDS fork of ofxAVFVideoPlayer is known to work.

AVFoundation is a priority, but as far as I’m aware the feature set of AVFoundation doesn’t have 1:1 coverage with that in Quicktime, so the migration isn’t straightforward.

I tried the clouds fork and have the same problem:

When using the programmable renderer and switching to GLFW instead of GLUT window, the video will cut in and out (freeze, black screen, etc). The audio continues to play.


fyi, works with programmable renderer: