Hi, does anyone know the specifications of the tap object in ofxAudioUnit. I tried to read through the code but it is unclear.

I want to split a signal, can I use a single mysignal.connectTo(myTap).

and then myTap.connectTo(myMixer1, 1);
myTap.connectTo(myMixer2, 1);

Thus being able to have 2 copies of the signal, one for each mixer that will feed different audioNetSends?
Or do I have to make a new tap for every place I want to send the signal?


if i am not mistaken you can connect the same source to multiple taps. and then connect these taps to the same or different mixers.
not sure if that is still true when your source is the mic input.


tap1.connectTo(mixer, 0);
tap2.connectTo(mixer, 1);

The ofxAudioUnitTap doesn’t do any multiplexing of its output, it’s just a simple “single stream” tap.

The AUSplitter should be able to help you out. You feed it one signal, and it spits out 2 copies of it. There’s no specific subclass for it, so you’ll have to just wrap it with a plain ofxAudioUnit instance like the reverb unit in the “hello” example.

You’d initialize the AUSplitter like this:

mySplitter = ofxAudioUnit(kAudioUnitType_FormatConverter, kAudioUnitSubType_Splitter);  

And you’d connect it this way:

mySplitter.connectTo(myMixer1, 0, 0);  
mySplitter.connectTo(myMixer2, 0, 1);  

The third argument in connectTo specifies the “source” bus. The AUSplitter will create two source busses which are just copies of the input.