ofxAudioUnit - setting parameters in nonApple AU

hi all

really happy to get my fingers and ears on some sweet audio units (thanx for the addon!!!)
last night I managed to import external/nonApple AU’s but I haven’t found a way to get their parameters info in order to be able to set them…

i found this post

seems just perfect but i’m having a hard time importing/including the necessary .h files for AUParamInfo and CAAUParameter

anyone has any clue about this?

* )

Hey rux, sorry I didn’t see this until now!

Did you have trouble finding the “Audio Tools For Xcode” package? I haven’t really used it myself since ~2011 or so when I answered that SO question :). In theory it should still work, as not much has changes in Core Audio land for awhile. If you found it, what problems are you encountering getting it to work?

Once you’ve got parameter enumeration happening, you should be able to use AudioUnitSetParameter() to change params simliar to how the params example bundled with ofxAudioUnit does it. The only difference is that you’ll have to address the param by its numeric id, instead of using one of Apple’s handy constants.


I’ve sorted this one out but haven;t ahd the time to update!
I’ve actually got some code to list the parameters ID and description as well as default, max and min values of each,
pretty usefull if u’re loading external AU’s.
thinking about forking from ofxAudioUnit and adding to it or do you think it should be independent?


Fork and pull request sounds good to me :slight_smile: I’d accept that. Some nicer param management would definitely be helpful.


finally had some time to clean up, make a class and upload it to git.
pull request done~!