ofxAudioUnit - Error compiling - Poco::FastMutex

I have downloaded ofxAudioUnit and move it to the addson directory.

When I try to run the examples I have this error:

file: ofxAudioUnitDSPNode.cpp
line 284: if(ctx->bufferMutex.try_lock()) {
error: No member named ‘try_lock’ in ‘Poco::FastMutex’

Can you point me in the proper direction to solve this problem?


I just fixed this a few weeks ago, can you try updating ofxAudioUnit? When did you download the version you’re using?

I have downloaded a fresh version just now. I don’t see this changing, still does not compile.

I see the committed change:

  • if(ctx->bufferMutex.tryLock()) {
  • if(ctx->bufferMutex.try_lock()) {

but Xcode is complaining about that call to try_lock. Changing it back to tryLock doesn’t work either.

I am using openFrameworks 0.8.4 with Xcode 6.2. Could there be the problem?

Ah I see, I was fixing it for OF 0.9.0 but the issue you’re seeing is the other way around :slight_smile:

I’m surprised changing it back to tryLock doesn’t work, though, since that’s the way it was when 0.8.4 and Xcode 6.2 were current.

Does it complain that tryLock() isn’t a member of Poco::FastMutex, or is it a different error? A clean + build may help

Yes, it is related to that. I could compile it using with the 0.9.0RC1 version.

Change it back to tryLock with 0.8.4, doing clean + build doesn’t work either: I have 36 compiling errors now.

Maybe I should stick to 0.9.0, as it’s close to the stable release.