ofxAudioFile addon for reading waveforms

Hi everyone!
I just made an addon for reading audio files buffer in wav, mp3, ogg and flac, it is somekind of ofxAudioDecoder but it works on all the platforms oF compiles to:


Hi! this looks really neat! I’ll try it out with my addons and stuff and let you know how it goes.
So nice you got rid of libaudiodecoder, as it was heavily outdated and bringing lots of headaches for other users.

You’re welcome! i was lucky to find those really useful single header libraries. I just have to test it a bit more for making mp3 work on ARM (i have already opened an issue by myself)

It works fine on my machine (macbookpro 10.12.0) I will test on Win10 too. I dont have a raspi at hand to help with the ARM issues. This should overcomes a lot of the problems we had with creating the ofSoundFile class. This, along the OF native player, which is already implemented here and here should go into the core.
Are you using this addon along with ofxPDSP?

i’m really happy to have it inside the core addons! I have already tweaked ofxPDSP to use ofxAudioFile instead of the other libraries, and i tested it on windows 8. I was waiting to fix some bugs with the ios soundstream and add an android example to announce that ofxPDSP has reached full cross-platform compatibility.

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