ofxAudioAnalyzer - Update


Thank you for your quick answer ! Well in fact, no I didn’t check this… So I deleted ofSoundPlayerExtended.* (I don’t this for my purpose).

And now I’m facing new errors ^^.
So here are the errors:

The errors translated in english is "need a dynamic relocalisation R_X86_64_32 may overflowing at the execution

The error in english: error: reference to “…” undefined.

So since it seems to be related, I’ve tried the following:

Add some flags in the config.make:

Moreover, I have followed (I think) all the instructions from essentia_compilation.md.

Do you have an idea ?

Best wishes for 2019 :slight_smile:


So did you compile new binaries for Essentia and fftw3 libraries? Maybe a new version of Essentia is needed for new Linux versions. Sorry, but I don’t use Linux on a daily basis so I won’t be able to review this soon.


Well, so I’ve install the newest version of Essentia and followed instructions (found here: https://github.com/MTG/essentia), still have the same problem.
I will continue to investigate, if I found something I will post it !
Thank you


Hi, I’m working on a project which requires chord detection and I’m trying to use the ofxAAMultiPitchKlapuriAlgorithm - how do I set this up? I’ve got the ofxAAPitchSalienceFunctionPeaksAlgorithm and ofxAAOneVectorOutputAlgorithm as pointers for the setup function, and the computing function is happening in update (which is also where I’m getting the pitches array). I’d really appreciate any help if anyones got this working already?

cheers :slight_smile: