ofxAudioAnalyzer - Update


Thank you for your quick answer ! Well in fact, no I didn’t check this… So I deleted ofSoundPlayerExtended.* (I don’t this for my purpose).

And now I’m facing new errors ^^.
So here are the errors:

The errors translated in english is "need a dynamic relocalisation R_X86_64_32 may overflowing at the execution

The error in english: error: reference to “…” undefined.

So since it seems to be related, I’ve tried the following:

Add some flags in the config.make:

Moreover, I have followed (I think) all the instructions from essentia_compilation.md.

Do you have an idea ?

Best wishes for 2019 :slight_smile:


So did you compile new binaries for Essentia and fftw3 libraries? Maybe a new version of Essentia is needed for new Linux versions. Sorry, but I don’t use Linux on a daily basis so I won’t be able to review this soon.


Well, so I’ve install the newest version of Essentia and followed instructions (found here: https://github.com/MTG/essentia), still have the same problem.
I will continue to investigate, if I found something I will post it !
Thank you