ofxAssimpModelLoader wont load texture on raspberry (but does so on win7)


I have identical code/model/texture on win7 and there it works as expected. I am unable to load a texture for .obj model on raspberry.

If I draw wireframe view on raspberry there seems to be strange lines going through the model (look at the attached image), this is not happening on win7. So therefor I am thinking if the problem is related to an underlying library loading the model.

Any hints on how to go about fixing this, either code or model?

I am using OF 0.9.8 and RPI3 with latest updates on raspbian.

Strange lines:

Code with a test model:


With some tests later it seems the problem is somehow connected with how the model is loaded. I simplified the model and it’s visible that model gets deformed when loading it on raspberry.

demo project:
model_test.zip (21.0 KB)