ofxAssimpModelLoader: Unable to open file sdcard/ on Nexus device


I tried to run the **androidAssimpExample **project on Android using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus device.
I received the following error
ofxAssimpModelLoader: Unable to open file sdcard/astroBoy_walk.dae

I checked the documentation and it stated that devices must have a SD Card to deal with resources.
The Galaxy Nexus has a built in SD Card.
I copied the astroBoy_walk.dae file to the device’s SD Card and the model was loaded successfully.

my question is how can we make applications that have resources data work on devices that have a built in SD Card ?

Ok: solved by placing the data in res/raw folder.
it worked fine

it should work by default. if you have the resources in bin/data when you install the application it will put the resources in the sdcard no matter if it’s external or built in

mmh, putting it in res/raw shouldn’t work, it probably worked because you copied it before or because you had it in bin/data