ofxAssimpModelLoader trouble

Hello there.

I have trouble to debug on assimp with my program, it’s also not working on the assimpModel Example.

Does anyone have the same and know how to fix this?

It’s pointing to, this, telling me that there is a bad access (lldb) :
// loads scene from file
scene = shared_ptr(aiImportFileExWithProperties(file.getAbsolutePath().c_str(), flags, NULL, store.get()), aiReleaseImport);

If you have any clue, it will be great, thank you to all of you.

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Also have this problem, but no solution either. I get it even with the 3DModelLoaderExample, I was going mad so I went to the 3DModelLoaderExample and just tried to change the model path to mine - no joy, it is just a 3d squirrel loader for me right now.

I was loading an obj file and using the master branch of OF from git as of may 29 2016.

Same here. It happens when optimize flag is true.

You can fix it with replacing assimp.a of 0.9.3 to 0.9.0.

check here. :slight_smile: