OfxAssimpModelLoader simple question

Hello everyone !

A bug a day keep the doctor away (and me from the solution !)

I’m actually trying to understand how I can load a model with his materials in ofxAssimpModelLoader ?
I think there is a simple command to do it, no… Can you help me with it :slight_smile: ?

Thank you very much !

nop ?

There is an example within OF that shows how to load a model with textures and materials.
It’s in the folder examples / addons / assimpExample

Yes, but i don’t understand this things, like:
okay, i upload the model, easy. But where is the line to upload the texture that is inside the .3ds for example?

Can you help me about that?

The textures and materials are stored in the mesh helper class inside of ofxAssimpModelLoader.

ofxAssimpMeshHelper & meshHelper = model.getMeshHelper(0);  
    // get the material //  
    ofMaterial & material = meshHelper.material;  
    // get the texture and bind if it has one //  
    // start the material