ofxAssimpModelLoader problems

Hi I’ve been trying to implement the model loader on github for animations, but for some reasons I’m getting errors with the updateGLresources() function. I am getting an unhandled exception error, with the code 0xC0000005. The thing is though, it’s on the second run that it crashes. I narrowed it down to this code:

boneMatrices[a] = tempNode->mTransformation * boneMatrices[a];
//boneMatrices[a] = boneMatrices[a] * tempNode->mTransformation;
tempNode = tempNode->mParent;

can anyone help please?

Hi, did you fix this?
Try to run your app using the astroBoy_walk.dae model.
If it works fine then the problem is within your model.

Make sure that in your 3d model there’s not a single node with a weight equal to zero. the easy way to overcome this is (inside your 3d modeling software) to select all the nodes and add a very small value to the weight of the nodes.

good luck