ofxAssimpModelLoader - playing animation just one or removing the .dae after one loop

Hello all!

So after battling with ofxAssimpModelLoader I finally got it to work nicely. My one question is: is there a way to only play the animation once, then clear the model? The .setLoopStateForAllAnimations(OF_LOOP_NONE); doesn’t change anything, and using model.clear() creates errors, so I was curious to see if anyone managed to find a solution? Cheers!

Ho Mothkau,

I know this is only semi-helpful, but I tried and found that for me setLoopStateForAllAnimations(OF_LOOP_NONE) does work nicely.

I tried examples\3d\assimpExample. I had to change setLoopStateForAllAnimations(OF_LOOP_NORMAL) 2 times in the code ( once in setup(), once in keyPressed(int key) ) and it actually does what was expected…

have a good day!

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