ofxAssimpModelLoader loads model super slowly on Windows (when running in visual studio)

Update: It looks like they change the behavior I’m describing with Visual Studio 2015 so if you’re running the latest oF it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Hi all,
I just spend 2h troubleshooting something really silly, and wanted to share my experience. I had this issue where ofxAssimpModelLoader would take ages to load a model that loads really fast in the assimp model viewer (tool that comes with the library). It turns out that when you run an oF app in visual studio, release mode but with debugger enabled (pressing F5/the green arrow to start the app), it will still do some debugging on the heap that slows down allocation/destruction. (which assimp does a lot for loading a model) .

Two options to solve that:

  • Set the environment variable _NO_DEBUG_HEAP=1 in the debugger settings
  • Run without the debbuger attached (press Ctrl + F5)

I’ve never noticed that before, but I guess it’s a general “feature” of visual studio… I’m not sure if it would make sense to have a warning in the documentation of the addons or something else but anyway, wanted to share that info with others!

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