ofxAssimpModelLoader: how to tweak model meshes?

Anyone has an idea about how to dynamically change the internal meshes of an ofxAssimpLoader?
In particular I need to move some single vertices of the mesh every frame.

I saw that internally the type aiMesh is used and a mesh helper is used to wrap aiMesh for draw() but I have no idea how to tweak them without too much hassle.

Of course ofMeshes can be obtained by loader.getMesh(idx) or loader.getCurrentAnimatedMesh(idx), so I could directly access vertices of those “copies” and change them.
And after I could draw the meshes independently from the loader.

In a short pseudo code I’m trying this
BTW: I checked my file has only 1 mesh so for now I get only mesh(0).

ofMesh mesh;
ofxAssimpModelLoader loader;
ofCamera cam;

void setup()
   mesh = loader.getMesh(0);

void draw()
   for(int i = 0;  i < mesh.getNumVertices();  i++)
      mesh.getVertex(i).x = someNewValue;
      mesh.getVertex(i).y = someNewValue;
      mesh.getVertex(i).z = someNewValue;


But it does not work, what I get is a blank window, even if I don’t touch vertices.

If I instead do

void draw()

the model is shown correctly with colors and textures.
So I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong and/or I’m misunderstanding something.

Actually these are two questions, I will be happy if someone knows the answer for at least one…


If anyone is interested, i found that the only way to modify model’s meshes vertices is by adding a function to the addon, in ofxAssimpModelLoader.h file.

I added a public function to get an ofxAssimpMeshHelper pointer for the mesh I’d like to tweak, from a protected internal vector which holds all the model mesh helpers;

This way I can access:

  • the cached model mesh, which holds the vertices set up by the loadModel() function
  • the vbo which gets redrawn in drawFaces() and which needs to be updated after mesh tweaking


// add this  somewhere before the "protected" statement

ofxAssimpMeshHelper* getModelMeshHelper(int i) { return &modelMeshes[i]; }


This is an example of how to use it.
It’s a modification of “3DModelLoaderExample” project in the examples folder.
The penguin model becomes “sparkling” by adding every frame a random value to all the vertices’ xyz coordinates


void ofApp::draw()
	// so the model isn't see through.


	if (bUsingMesh){
		// draws the ply file loaded into the mesh is you pressed 
        // modified part starts here

        // the mesh helper: it exposes pointers to some internal data structs and variables  
		ofxAssimpMeshHelper* helper = model.getModelMeshHelper(0); 

        // pointer to an internal ofMesh exposed by the helper, which holds a copy 
        // of the model's vertices: it is used by ofxAssimpModelLoader drawing methods
		ofMesh* cachedMesh = &helper->cachedMesh; 

        // model vertices loaded from the file are stored in an internal aiMesh struct, 
        // which is exposed by the helper; their xyz coordinates are copied 
        // to cachedMesh vertices but adding some random values
		for (int i = 0; i < cachedMesh->getVertices().size(); i++) 
			cachedMesh->getVertices().at(i).x = helper->mesh->mVertices[i].x + ofRandom(-0.01, 0.01);
			cachedMesh->getVertices().at(i).y = helper->mesh->mVertices[i].y + ofRandom(-0.01, 0.01);
			cachedMesh->getVertices().at(i).z = helper->mesh->mVertices[i].z + ofRandom(-0.01, 0.01);

        // update internal vbo before model drawing

        // modified part ends here



    // display help text if it is enable
    if(bHelpText) {
        stringstream ss;
        ss << "FPS: " << ofToString(ofGetFrameRate(),0) << endl << endl;
        ss << "(1/2/3/4/5/6): load different file types"<<endl;
        ss << "Current file info: " + curFileInfo <<endl;
            ss << "Use ofEasyCam mouse and key controls to navigate."<< endl <<endl;
        ss <<"(h): Toggle help."<<endl;
        ofDrawBitmapString(ss.str().c_str(), 20, 20);
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Thanks mate, super useful