ofxAssimpModelLoader error on mac

ofxAssimpModelLoader met error:
‘BalloonGrab.h’ file not found
I can’t google anything BalloonGrab.h even.
anyone can help? thanks a lot

ps : mac high sierra system

This is not an error related to the ofxAssimpModelLoader.
Here the compiler is telling you that it can not found the BallonGrab.h file.
If you need that file, check that it exists and that it is in the right path.

thanks for the replay.
I have no any clue about the BallonGrab.h file.
what lib has the file? where I can get the file? where I have to put the file?
completely lost …

It sounds that you’ve copied and pasted things around and you are hoping that someone will fix things for you. This is not how the forum works.
If you want to learn how ofxAssimpModelLoader works, try to get one of the examples in examples/addons/ofxAssimpModelLoader working, if you have some problems, try to isolate it and reproduce it. If you still can’t solve it, post in the forum, with the code that does not work.

most of time , I can fix things by google ,reading example code or other’s code.
but this time , I can do nothing about the file : BallonGrab.h .
completely nothing.
I just try to run example code of ofxAssimpModelLoader , nothing new , the compiled error hint is : ‘BalloonGrab.h’ file not found .

when google know nothing about BalloonGrab.h, this forum is the last hope . :frowning:

Which one of the example in examples/3d did you try out?
assimpExample or 3DModelLoaderExample ?

both of them.
by the way, the example locate in addons folder , of version is 0.9.8

I download zip file for mac again and unzip, assimpExample works!!

where error happend is my copied of 0.9.8 folds from another mac.

thanks very much for your replies , @edapx .

Ok, glad that it worked :wink: