ofxAssimpModelLoader doesn't disable it after glEnable(GL_CULL_FACE)

OF version: 0.11.2
Platform: linuxgcc64

Bug: ofxAssimpModelLoader doesn’t disable it after glEnable(GL_CULL_FACE) in its draw() method.
This bug will cause the inappropriate culling after drawing a doublesided model in the application scope. Thus will cause disappeared ofxGui’s panel background or other bugs.

Maybe it is my misunderstanding, thanks!

@zhang_411 I would try the new release 12.0. There are at least some ofxAssimpModelLoader changes: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/blob/0.12.0/CHANGELOG.md

Hi Jona,
Yes! I’ve tried 0.12.0 yesterday, and checked its source code of ofxAssimpModelLoader.cpp::draw(),
the bug is fixed now.