ofxAssimp memory leak?


I encountered some memory problems reusing/deleting the ofxAssimpModelLoader in IOS (9.2).
My code setup is really simple. Just a ofxAssimpModelLoader object and a call of
“loadModel” in my touchup handler on this object.

Every time “loadModel” gets called, the scene doesn’t seem to be cleared correctly. The memory usage of the app increases every time “loadModel” gets called.

The same code within of 9.0 / OSX works as expected. The memory usage ist constant. Are there any problems in the libassimp Library for ios?

Here’s an overview to the current code:


ofxAssimpModelLoader model;


void ofApp::touchUp(ofTouchEventArgs & touch){

Thanks a lot in advance

It appears to be a problem with the FBX Importer. Sadly the newer versions of assimp seem to ignore my animations.