ofxAruco: How to work with single marker instead of board?

Dear OF community,

Since I am an OF newbie, I have various questions regarding the usage of the ofxAruco addon. I have experience with the AruCo library v1.3.0 but there are many differences with the ofxAruco wrapper, since the last is implemented over AruCo v1.2.4. I went through the ofxAruco src in order to get familiar with the wrapping methods and functionalities. However I wasn’t able to find a way of implementing the following.

  1. Generate single marker (for instance the marker with id 8)
  2. initialize with aruco.setup() or aruco.setupXML() without fooling it with an empty boardParameters string
  3. understand in what measurement i have to specify the marker size
  4. aruco.getMarkerImage() does nothing since the function is totally empty.

Final, I was not able to find a way to import an external library in my OF app, that is not an ofxaddon, such as the aruco 1.3.0 library, or the WEKA library for machine learning and classification.

I would appreciate your help!