ofxAruco for android studio: example

My method to ofxAruco for android studio was as follows:

  1. Clone ofxAruco and ofxCv in addons folder.
  2. Copy files from ofxaruco/bin/data to bin/data folder of androidEmptyExample
  3. Update addons.make and include ofxOpenCv, ofxCv, ofxAruco.
  4. update main.cpp file and ofApp.h and cpp files as given in example.

I ran the example with flag useVideo= true, I can see on my mobile screen small section playing video of board. But markers detected is 0. And also rest of screen is empty. Can you tell me what default behaviour I should expect.

Note associated question to: https://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/ofxaruco-ofandroid-for-android-studio-example-error/22314