ofxAruco and VS 2010

**IDE :**Visual Studio 2010
OpenFramework : of_v0.7.4_vs2010_release
Add-ons used : ofxAruco, ofxcv, ofxOpenCv

I would like work with ofxAruco but I have many compilation error.
There is an conflict between quicktime and opencv !

1>x:\xxx\of_v0.7.4_vs2010_release\libs\quicktime\include\mactypes.h(228): error C2872: 'Ptr' : ambiguous symbol  
1>          could be 'x:\xxx\of_v0.7.4_vs2010_release\libs\quicktime\include\mactypes.h(227) : char *Ptr'  
1>          or       'x:\xxx\of_v0.7.4_vs2010_release\addons\ofxopencv\libs\opencv\include\opencv2\core\core.hpp(1254) : cv::Ptr'  

You have an idea ?
Thanks for your help.

Best regards.


Fix with the last commit! Thanks Arturo!