ofxARToolkitPlus with OF 0.8.0 + CB12.11 + Win7(64bit)

Sorry for the delay! I don’t think you need to change your calibration file. You probably have a different size of your monitor display and your windows display ,be warned if you has a windowed display of your app and then you resize to fullscreen, your app will ecounter that issue. Check to what resolution is set your monitor and if your webcam support that resolution.

Not at all~ you’re always enthusiastic ^^
the camera supports 1280x1040 as it claims,
I decide to change another high-level webcam
and do more testing later.

Hi guys,

I am also trying to have this addon works on window 64bit, using code::blocks.
I arrive at the same point as @kaykay:

I also added the same linking path to code::blocks but still doesn’t work. I see that you guys have a working solution using Visual Studio…but I would like to stick to Code::blocks.

Any new ideas what to do to fix this?


Actually I managed to get it to work.

I build the dynamic lib instead and got 2 files:

I linked against libARToolKitPlus.dll.a in code::blocks and placed libARToolKitPlus.dll in the /bin folder of my project, with the other .dll.

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Thanks @Meach
I got this working too with your method.
OF 0.8.4 with CB 13.12 on Win 10