ofxARToolkitPlus -> multi camera?

Hi !
I am working on an installation which must detect markers on a larger area.
So I need 2 webcams to capture the whole area.

I would like to know if ofxARToolkitPlus can get the position/rotation of markers for each cameras ?

If you have other solution without Artoolkitplus, I am also interested ! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !

You can also just use a quad splitter to combine the cameras first.

I don’t know if I have understood correctly.
Do you want combined the 2 cameras images in one ? (Artoolkit done a correction with the deformation of the lens no ?)

If you are using SDI or composite video cameras you can use a hardware quad splitter to combine the images into a single capture feed.

If you are using webcams you can do this in software (you can also do it is software for the above).

You could also make 2 apps that send information to each other (this has the advantage of not having to wait for 2 cameras to update in a single app).

I would go for the 3rd option. but you may have some difficulty getting camera 1 to always be camera 1 as if you do not have identifiable cameras your software will take the first it sees.