ofxArtnet + RDM?

I am just starting to look in to how one would be able to send RDM messages (Remote Device Management) over artnet. I know the DMX devices attached to my artnet-to-dmx interface can have their parameters set via RDM. But I have yet to learn how to send those messages.

@tobiasebsen made an add-on to do this via USB GitHub - tobiasebsen/ofxDmxUsbPro: Addon for sending/receiving DMX/RDM using the Enttec DMX USB Pro which Which I have not yet tried.

Artnet is able to send and receive RDM messages RDM - Art-Net but so far the add-on by @hiroyukisakamoto GitHub - hiroyuki/ofxArtnet: ultra simple artnet addon for openFrameworks has not implemented it.

I will continue to look for cpp examples and see if I can expand on the existing code base.
But if anyone has any advice pls share.


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Some more info / links on RDM:

One could implement a OF to OLA (Open Lighting Architecture) communication which could then handle the RDM sending: Open Lighting Architecture: ola::client::OlaClient Class Reference

This was very enlightening on what and how the RDM communication works:

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