New to OF and stuck on a setup step. Any help is much appreciated.

I’ve setup xcode and OF. I used the projectGenerator app to generate a new project and inlcude all the available addons to make sure everything can be found. When I open up the project in Xcode and try to compile, I get the following error and can’t figure out why exactly.

‘ofxAndroidUtils.h’ file not found
in addons/ofxGPS/src/Android/ofxGPSImplAndroid.cpp
And its marked as Lexical or Preprocessor issue

Can anyone shed some light on this and how to fix it?
It looks like a path issue to me because I can see ofxAndroidUtils.h in the addons/ofxAndroid/src folder

Also, changing the include from :
#include “ofxAndroidUtils.h”
#include “…/…/…/ofxAndroid/src/ofxAndroidUtils.h”

Means compiling no longer has this error but creates others, also for unfound header files.


I believe it is a messy error condition but I think the underlying reason is ofxAndroid.cpp is all stuff for an Android build, which is designed to be used for programs which are actually being built for Android, (using Android Studio rather than xcode) and only work if your project is set up to do so.

Since you are new to OF and presumably not wanting to build an Android app at this point, I would suggest you just not include ofxAndroidUtils and not worry about it until you do want to build an Android app.

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Thanks for the insight. I updated the project files removing the ofxGPS addon and everything compiles in Xcode now.


I find xcode works well for my OF projects (as do VS on Windows and gcc on Linux. Android Studio also works… like Android Studio :wink: ).