ofxALSoundPlayer vs. audioInputExample

I’m having a conflict when trying to turn on both the ofxALSoundPlayer and the ofSoundStreamSetup() function.

As is probably pretty obvious, i would like to play samples while at the same time receive audioInput. While the problems seem to concern turning on the SoundEngine, the funny thing is that I can get audioInput, audioOutput AND the ofxALSoundPlayer working fine when running in the simulator. It’s when I pass back over to the iPhone that soundInput breaks, as apparently the audioReceived() function isn’t called. Everything else runs fine: OpenAL samples, and even direct audio output via audioRequested().

Any ideas?

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Is there any news on this issue?


It was a thread with same issue:

Jesus Gollonet proposed a little hack that works in theory making a dynamic variable the instance of OfxALSoundPlayer.

I hope helps. :wink: