ofxAlembic on windows

I’m trying to get ofxAlembic working on Windows.

I got Alex’s (LiquidZYM) branch working on 0.8.4, but it is an old version of Alembic without Ogawa support which I want – it’s also very far behind Higa-san’s latest updates to ofxAlembic

I got super far with a vs2012/x64 project i found on GH but ran into linker errors when i brought the static libs it generated into openFrameworks.

Here is my current working folder building static libs with all the dependencies downloaded for VS2012 x64, if you want to help, start here:

Here is the repo I was using for that

If anyone could take a look at getting it into 0.9.0 on windows that would be epic!


Oh I am trying to build it against this version of oF x64

For anyone that lands here via Google, I’ve been trying to get Alembic compiling in VS2015 for a fair while now, getting closer and closer.

If anyone is interested in this and wants to join forces just let me know.

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any update on this issue?
can you share your progress?

Hi, I ended up going back to ofxFBX in the end.

anyone can test it? i did only complied with 64 bit vs2015
from this git https://github.com/rsgalloway/alembic/tree/1.6.0/lib/Alembic


does it support 3d animation or only 3d model?

Hi, ofxFBX supports both, plus skeleton manipulation, letting you do something like the below where the head bone is made to face the viewer, mixing between the animation of the bone and the the pose we want it to be to face the viewer.