Hey! I’ve been hitting the ofxaddons.com website pretty hard these days. I’ve noticed that lots of the projects aren’t updated for 007 and the directory download is sometimes a mess. I suggest having someway of rating each addon with something like “tested on win7 and works fine…” or “tested on osX…etc…etc…”

I’m only bringing this up cause it seems lots of the addons were made for some purpose in mind and were never really updated by the original makers. It would help a lot of people who are just coming into OF to know how to handle situations that other advanced OF users find mundane.

A wiki of a series of screenshots would work great.

example…(compliments of parag.)


hey there,

This is a really good point. We have a working plan for this which is to come up with a way of tagging offending repositories through the github issues page. we’ll be designing special tags that ofxAddons will look for. Then you can filter only clean addons on the page, and it will also help addon developers find about the issues!

we’re at ofdevcon this week and this is big on the list of things to add to ofxAddons

the http://ofxaddons.com/changes page seems down,always “500”.

fixed! thanks to Greg =)

also i just pushed through a bunch of the new addons, so check out the ofxaddons.com/changes for updates and of course follow the bad jokes on the @ofxaddons twitter stream https://twitter.com/#!/ofxaddons

It seems ofxaddons.com hasn’t been updating for about a month.

james is looking into it - the script had stopped running.
it should be working again soon.

Thanks for the heads up!

it is happening again

OK I admit it. I’m seriously addicted to the Most Recently Changed Addons feature, and I haven’t had my fix in weeks. I will gladly volunteer to keep a watch on the script running and restart it if necessary.

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Just in case it’s easy to fix or something…

From some weeks ago I noticed that the addons webs hangs my browsers (Firefox/Brave) on Windows.
ofxaddons.com and/or addons.braitsch.io/