ofxActionManager for Animatons

I’m using cocos2dx for my games, but a project came up and I decided to use openFrameworks for that.
The action system in cocos2dx makes so many things easier, simpler and clean. But as far as I know openFrameworks doesn’t have a system like that so I decided to port the system to openFrameworks.
Usage is quite simple:

void ofApp::update()
    const float delta = ofGetLastFrameTime();

void ofApp::draw()
    ofCircle(target.getPositon(), 20);

void ofApp::mouseReleased(int x, int y, int button)
    auto seq = Sequence::create(EaseBounceOut::create(MoveTo::create(1, ofVec2f(x, y))), CallFunc::create([]() {
            std::cout << "Hey Sequence!\n";
        }), nullptr);

All the actions work on ActionTarget so you need to use that, or inherit it, if you want to use actions.
You can get the code from my GitHub account. Hope it helps someone else.