ofX3dModelLoader - Android - not working

Does anybody know if it is possible to run a 3dmodel (.3ds in thi case) in android?

Using the 007 ofx3dmodelloader addon, the app is running in Codeblocks, but it doesnt build in Eclipse:

I get this error:

In file included from ../../../addons/ofxAndroid/src/ofxAndroidSoundStream.h:3,  
                 from ../../../libs/openFrameworks/sound/ofSoundStream.h:15,  
                 from ../../../libs/openFrameworks/ofMain.h:65,  
                 from ../../../addons/ofx3DModelLoader/src/3DS/texture3DS.h:3,  
                 from ../../../addons/ofx3DModelLoader/src/3DS/texture3DS.cpp:9:  
/home/tavi/Escritorio/AndroidFrameworks/android-ndk-r6/platforms/android-8/arch-arm//usr/include/jni.h:489: note: the mangling of 'va_list' has changed in GCC 4.4  
../../../addons/ofx3DModelLoader/src/3DS/texture3DS.cpp: In constructor 'texture3DS::texture3DS(std::string, int)':  
../../../addons/ofx3DModelLoader/src/3DS/texture3DS.cpp:81: error: 'gluBuild2DMipmaps' was not declared in this scope  
make[1]: se sale del directorio «/home/tavi/Escritorio/AndroidFrameworks/of_preRelease_v007_android/apps/androidExamples/newphysics»  
make[1]: *** [obj/androidDebug/addons/ofx3DModelLoader/src/3DS/texture3DS.o] Error 1  
make: *** [AndroidDebug] Error 2  

looks like the GL libraries aren’t there.

any ideas?

My guess is, the Android NDK only supports OpenGL ES, which doesn’t include gluBuild2DMipmaps. Maybe you can try porting each openGL command? iPhone uses OpenGL ES too, so blog posts for porting for iPhone may be helpful here too. But I haven’t written 3D Android code myself so I don’t know if there are other pitfalls to watch out for

edit: from poking around, it seems like you would need to port the whole ofx3DModelLoader addon to OpenGL ES to get it to work with Android…

edit 2: oh, looks like someone already did that: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/ofx3dmodelloader-on-iphone/4311/0

i just noticed ofxAssimpModelLoader can be used instead.

ill try with this and see what happens.

thanks anyway! it looks like 3dmodelloader would eventually work.