ofx3DFont : creating multiple instances

I’m working with ofx3DFont on a way to display messages received by oF. Right now, I’m receiving messages as a string, breaking the string apart into words using:

ofSplitString(input, " ");

this creates a vector of strings. I want to use this vector of strings to create multiple instances of the ofx3DFont class (or an extension of this class), so that each word can have it’s own color, position, velocity, etc.

I’m running into a problem with “ofxTrueTypeFontUL2”, which is required by “ofx3DFont”:

-“Bass class ‘ofxTrueTypeFontUL2’ has a private copy constructor”
-"‘operator=’ is a private member of ‘ofxTrueTypeFontUL2’"

there errors are occuring when I try to create a new instance of ofx3DFont and then push_back into a vector to store them.

Any thoughts on how to work around this?

Nevermind, searched the forums a bit and found the answer:

ofPtr for Private Copy Constructor