Ofx vs Cinder- what are the pros and cons of each?

Total novice using Openframeworks. There is an effectI am trying to achieve but the only example I have seen was done using Cinder.
I know there is less documentation on Cinder but other than that what are some of the pros and cons of using Cinder vs Openframeworks when interfacing with a Kinect v2?

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Really they are both very similar though OF uses more cross platform libraries to keep things consistent between each where as Cinder uses platform native code so you will probably see a slight performance boost when running a similar program. I personally think we have a more active community of people creating addons and that OF is a bit more approachable because it hides away somethings like namespaces and also we use header classes to try and keep things organized. That’s certainly up for debate but I like to use headers as a way of organizing things as having it all in one file can get sorta muddled and messy when tinkering. I also think we have a stronger naming convention so its easier to know what something does based on the function call alone (less domain specific jargon)

From my own experience I have seen more people using openframeworks, I just am returning from MIT who uses it to prototype a lot of random things which was pretty cool.

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I know Cinder but never really used it. I chose oF for its cross platform skills and also for the large choice of addons for every purpose you would need. Cinder lacked some features (core or addon) and needed external libraries. I am not a coder and using external C or C++ library is not easy in my case. I think i was working with artnet at that time.

Thanks. Great answers.

I use Cinder a lot, and sometimes openFrameworks.
As said before, there are more developers on openFrameworks, and it’s a better choice for cross-platform right now.
But Cinder 0.9 is to be released real soon, and lots of efforts have been put in documentation and multi-platform.
Best is to test both!