ofx on linux - noob question


I’ve not developed in C++ on linux before. However it is my understanding that in order for code::blocks to find the library and header files, the appropriate paths for both need to be provided to it.

How do I do this? I know the include and library files are present in the “lib” folder of the ofx_preRelease_v007_linux directory. I’m not new to programming just to C++ on Linux. Please help.

execute /openFrameworks/scripts/linux/createProjects.py. This will create CB project files for all the examples. then you can start your work by copying emptyExample. always open the .workspace file, not the .cbp, then the OF core project and its files and libraries will be included and compiled automatically.

also if you want to include addons just create a file called addons.make in the root folder of the project and add a line with the name of the addon you want to use. take a look at any of the addons examples

If you want to add individual libraries or search paths you need to do it in a file called config.make, it has comments on how to do it in it. you can find it in the root of the project and also inside the codeblocks project in the config files folder