Ofx + Kinect + Fluid Particles

Hi. I’m developing a project for a classical dance live act.

It’s the tipical live performance, where kinect tracks the dancers on scene, and renders fluid and particles on background, following the movements of each dancer.

I tried to use the project CREA (https://github.com/fabiaserra/crea), tried for about 3 days, but I can’t get it working, there appears different errors (hundred) because several addons are deprecated.

After those days of hard work and frustration, I decided take some examples of kinect body tracking, and some examples of fluids and particles, and put it all together… but sadedly I can’t found examples of kinect implementation runing with ofx modern versions.

So, I need to ask the forum for some examples of ofx + kinect, using some recent releases (0.9.x), or for any advice to develop this project.