Ofx + google maps


I am looking for to load map image data based on given longitude and latitude from google map.

and I am trying to move around from the initial map image to explore around the world.

Is there ofx addon for google map so I can load image / get longitude and latitude from it?

or should I be able to read buffer from



did you searched ofxaddons.com?

I did this addon time ago: https://github.com/kalwalt/ofxOsgEarth , it can also import google maps into .earth files if i remember well…) go to http://osgearth.org/ and https://github.com/gwaldron/osgearth for more info.

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this example load a google map using bing in windows https://github.com/gwaldron/osgearth/blob/master/tests/bing.earth
see also http://forum.osgearth.org/Streaming-Google-satellite-Map-data-in-osgEarth-td7581315.html

Notice that with osgEarth you can import also OpenStreetMaps in case you would be interested…

Sounds perfect for me. Will test it right away.

i did ofxOsgEarth addon with OF 073, i think could be some issues but maybe not, do not hesitate to post issues i will help you if i can and if i’m able to.

It complains about ofMain.h even though it is under myApps folder.
I guess I have to manually add search path to it?

maybe because the example use old style coding? try to delete the #Ifndef in testApp.h to #pragma once id est:

#ifndef _TEST_APP
#define _TEST_APP

//all the code here


change to at beggining of testApp.h

#pragma once

Did you create the project with PG or what? and in which OS are you working?

That helped with ofMain.h issue but I guess my osg lib was not installed properly.

It gives me error saying ‘use of undeclared identifier : osg’

Also, I guess the temp folders for Addon ofxOpenSceneGraph has empty folders.
I am trying to fill in with lib and downloaded osg 3.1 and it has lots of folders in there. Should I copy all of them folders e.g. ‘include’ , ‘src’, ‘packaging’ and etc?

OS is 10.9.2 btw

Thank you Kalwalt.

i works primarly on linux, never had a Mac. but i think you should copy all the frameworks and plugins in the ofxOpenSceneGraph addon lib. you should follow the procedure described here maybe @sth may help more in this sense.

OSG seems to be too heavy for my project.

All I need is square image of map according to Longitude and Latitude.
Would there be any helpful work around to it?


Loading image with above code with ofImage seems to work but it is too slow to NAVIGATE.

Some guy tried Chromium to have navigateable map into of but I am not familiar with it yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Understood. @vanderlin also did this addon time ago, didn’t load google maps but use longitude and latidue coords.

I’m almost done updating this addon for adding maps from lots of places:

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Thanks guys. will implement these and test today and let you know.

interesting addon @bakercp!

hey @fkkcloud, if you still have this issue with the ofMain.h try creating a new xcode project. I don’t know why it happens, it seems to be related to some sort of project file corruption. It happens to me quite commonly and this is the easiest fix I’ve found.

@bakercp Working great. Will test more and let you know!


So, current command to draw map,


above command will draw the map for entire resolution of the map.

Would it be possible to have something like below command,


So I can draw the map as an object in 3d space?

To draw in 3d, you’ll probably need a camera and you can draw into 3d space

// cam.begin();
/// draw
// cam.end();